Whitney Lassie • Marybeth Sudan • Macy Phenix

Whitney Lasse • Marybeth Sudan • Macy Phenix
Restoration Gateway, Uganda

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

God is ALIVE and MOVIN

Well hello everyone. Just want to let you know that MB and I are still alive. I have had “write a blog” on my daily to-do-list for about a month now, and I am sorry that I have failed miserably to keep you updated with my life here. The good news however, is that I have been so busy I really don’t feel as though I have even had time to sit down and write a blog. I would definitely see this as a praise from the first two months of “searching-for-my purpose” here in Uganda. The Lord has been so faithful, and He has been moving in MIGHTY ways here in Northern Uganda and at Restoration Gateway. I am going to only skim the surface of all the Lord has been doing for the past month, but here are simply a few stories.

Here are a few stories from our class. About three weeks ago we read this book to our class called Jesus is My Special Friend. The book talks about how this little boy has many different friends, but his friends move away and fight with him. However, this boy has one friend who never leaves, never calls him mean names, never fights with him, and that friend is Jesus. After we finished reading the book we talked about how Jesus never leaves us. We talked about how Jesus is always with us and loves us so much. It was the most incredible thing to see their faces full of faith as they started shouting, “Auntie Macy, Jesus is here in this classroom.” One of my students named Linda said “Auntie, Jesus is sitting in my desk with me right here,” as she had moved to the side to make a place for Jesus to sit by her. Tears filled my eyes and my heart filled with joy as I knew Jesus was sitting right there beside His beautiful daughter. That same week we had another incredible experience in our class as the students started asking about the Holy Spirit. The Lord has been moving in power throughout RG and with the workers. My kids came into class and wouldn’t stop talking about how the Holy Spirit was speaking to their moms. They were saying “Auntie Macy, the Spirit is speaking to our moms and telling them that He is always with them. He is saying that He loves them and will never leave them…. Auntie we want the Holy Spirit to speak to us, will He do that?” We talked about how when we believe and invite Jesus into our hearts, we receive the Holy Spirit and He will talk to us and lead us in any and every way. That morning during our journal time (the kids write daily journals about random topics) we wrote down our prayers and asked the Holy Spirit to speak to us. One of the boys named Francis wrote: “god I love you. jesus I love you. oli spt wuld you cam in mia hart an tlk to me. cam in mia hart. i wnt to tlk to you.” (this translates into: God I love you. Jesus I love you. Holy Spirit would you come into my heart and talk to me. Come in my heart. I want to talk to you.) God is so good. A couple days ago during class this same child, Francis, had a headache. We decided to pray as a class that the Lord would heal him. We placed our hands on him as a class and a precious girl named Linda prayed over him, while the rest of our class prayed in one voice (out loud.) Yep, God totally healed him instantly. Headache = VANISHED and DESTROYED by the blood of Jesus Christ. The Lord is moving in our top nursery class. Another child named Ambrose, who is about 10 years old, is one of the most passionate prayer warriors that I have ever met. MB and I talked about how he loves Jesus so much and that we think he is going to be a man who spreads the Lord’s name across Uganda and the world. I told Ambrose about this later that day. I told Ambrose that he was a boy who loved God and that we thought he was going to be a great evangelist one day. With a shocked look on his face he said “me?” Later that day Ambrose came up to me and said “Auntie, next time you go to the village I want to come. I want to tell people about Jesus.” I love these kids. They are going to change this world. They already are. These are only a few stories of an absolute insane amount of testimonies of the Lord’s work here at RG. I am so blessed.

There have been a countless amount of testimonies of the Lord’s work in the villages outside of RG and in this area. The summer has been so busy with teams coming in and out, but the Lord is moving in power in Northern Uganda. A couple weeks ago a team from Antioch Waco came to RG to do church planting and evangelism in the area around RG. I went out with them a couple times and it was absolutely incredible. The Lord moved in mighty ways. We prayed over one man named Rapheal. We were praying for healing for his knee and his eyes, which could only see a short distance. At first, nothing really changed, but this past week I went back to his house and Rapheal was telling me and this other group about how the LORD had completely HEALED HIS KNEE AND HIS EYES. He was seeing with fully healed vision and he was able to dig and work in his garden without any pain. PRAISE GOD. This is one of many testimonies. My sister got here last week, which was absolutely the greatest thing EVER, and this past Sunday we went to a man’s hut named Francis. We arrived at about 10:00am and stayed until about 4:00pm praising the Lord, reading through His word, sharing Jesus with Francis’ neighbors, and seeing the Lord’s healing power work in FULL FORCE. God healed three children on malaria, two women of stomach and chest pain, a small girl who was almost deaf (she can fully hear now), and a boy who had a huge lump in his neck (the lump disappeared as we were praying). God is good. He is alive. We serve a living God. There is no doubt in my mind that He is living and active. There are lame children that are now walking, blind people who are now seeing, and the gospel is fully alive. I am so blessed to be a part of it. Praise the Lord.

Thank you all for your prayers. Continue to pray for the Lord’s power to fall upon Northern Uganda. I am believing for a revival to spread throughout Northern Uganda. He is moving. He is alive. I think that is all I have for now!!!! Love you all. - Macy -


  1. Oh praise Him! Praise the Lord. Oh, Mace. God is good. So so so good.

  2. Mace- I am SO SO proud of you and MB for the work your are doing for the Kingdom!! Praise the Lord!! As I am sitting in class getting bogged down by theories and theologies... this was just what I needed. God is not just a concept, he is alive and moving! Love you guys so much!

  3. OMGGGGGGGG oh my gosh. Macy. This is incredible. GOD IS SO SO GOOD AND SO SO MIGHTY!!!!!! PRAISE HIM!

    I LOVE that he is healing. I love that he is now asking you to be a part of it!!!! Also, love the FRANCIS and aMBROSE story!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!! LET IT BE DONE!!

    Love you BOTH so so so much. MISS YOU like CRAZY.